Writing/Research Requirement: ASA format

One writing/research assignment (research paper) will be required for this course. The research paper guidelines are as follows (we will discuss this at greater length in class):

  • 8-10 pages (this DOES NOT include the title page and reference pages)
  • 8-10 pages MEANS full pages, in fact it is better to begin the next page with an additional line. I will not accept 9, 9 ¾ , etc.
  • 10-12 peer-reviewed journal articles must be used for your research paper
  • You may only use peer-reviewed journal articles as sources.
  • American Sociological Association guidelines ONLY. Any paper turned in with other formatting will be subjected to a failing grade.
  • Failure to turn in this writing assignment will result in an ‘F’ for this course
  • Outlines
  • Reference ASA format only
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