Using the module readings on culture, diversity, and education as a guide, identify and discuss a significant issue that you feel is not being adequately addressed in education. Describe any unacceptable effects in an educational setting or organizational setting. Respond to three of your classmates’ postings. This discussion should assist you and your peers with generation of creative ideas and concepts for your SLP assignment topic/issue selection.

Multicultural Education (p. 15 – 34)
Arslan, H., & Rata, G. (2013). Multicultural Education: From Theory to Practice. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Chapter 1: Understanding Multiculturalism and Multicultural Competence Among College Students (p. 11 – 18)
Cooper, D. L., Howard-Hamilton, M. F., & Cuyjet, M. J. (2011). Multiculturalism on Campus : Theory, Models, and Practices for Understanding Diversity and Creating Inclusion. Sterling, Va: Stylus Publishing.

Chapter 1: Teaching as a Cultural Artifact
Ikpeze, C. H. (2015). Teaching Across Cultures : Building Pedagogical Relationships in Diverse Contexts. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Curriculum and Diversity, K12 (p. 584 – 588)
Cross Cultural Competence in Education (p. 499 – 501)
Culture, Diversity, and Education (p. 556 – 559)
Diversity: Concepts and Terminology (p. 676 – 677)
Learning, Schooling, Culture, and Identity (p. 1356 – 1360)
Banks, J. A. (2012). Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education. Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Chapter 1: Exploring Practices and the Construction of Identities in School (p. 1 – 8)
Abreu, G. d., Aalsvoort, G. d., & Hjörne, E. (2012). Learning, Social Interaction and Diversity– Exploring Identities in School Practices. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

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