Do you believe that environmental security is just as important as economic and military security? Why or why not? APA Style at least one reference

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The natural resources of the earth support life and all economics. The economic resources that produce goods and services are human, financial, and manufactured resources. Conventional economists view the market to be independent of earth’s life support systems.

Ecological economists see all economies as a part of the environment that depends on resources provided by the sun and the earth’s natural resources. An eco-economy mimics processes that sustain the earth’s natural systems. Government subsidies and tax breaks eco-labeling provide economic incentives to prevent pollution and reduce resource waste.

Poverty has a number of harmful health and environmental effects. Most economists believe a growing economy is the best way to help the poor. However, since 1960, most of the benefits of global economic growth have flowed up to the rich rather than down to the poor. The problem with making the shift to environmentally sustainable economies throughout the world is not economics, but politics. We have the technology to make the shift. Making the shift would not have to cost governments any additional money, and it would create jobs, improve environmental quality, and reduce poverty.

Environmental policy is established by convincing lawmakers that a problem exists, trying to influence how laws are written, appropriately funding environmental actions, and enforcing environmental laws and regulations. Special interest groups attempt to influence government decisions in their favor. Most political decisions result from bargaining among the power brokers. The ability to deal with environmental issues is hindered by an emphasis on short-term solutions, the need for constant funding, and the lack of a politically powerful base for long-term sustainability. Most environmental groups are non-governmental agencies that monitor environmental activities of governments and international agencies, and push them to improve environmental performance.

The anti-environmental movement campaigns to weaken environmental laws, change public land use, and destroy the reputation of the environmental movement.

In making government policy, decisions we should be guided by the following principles:

  • Humility- we have a limited capacity to understand and manage nature.
  • Reversibility principle- do not do something that can not be reversed later.
  • Precautionary principle- when an activity raises threats of harm, take precautionary measures.
  • Prevention principle- make decisions that help prevent a problem from occuring or becoming worse.
  • Integrative principle- make decisions that involve integrated solutions to problems.
  • Environmental justice principle- fair treatment of all people with respect to development, implementation, and enforcement of all environmental policies, laws, and regulations.

Individuals can make a difference and change government policies by voting, contributing time and money to campaigns, joining environmental organizations, running for office, and serving on local boards and commissions. Individuals can lead by serving as examples, working for change, and proposing better solutions to environmental problems.

Military and economic security depend on national and global economic security. Some progress has been made to develop worldwide environmental cooperation; however, many treaties and agreements are non-binding and lack monitoring and funding for implementation.

With environmental world views, conflicts about how serious environmental problems arise from how people think the world works, their role, and what they believe is right or wrong behavior. Those holding the “planetary management” world view believe we are the most important species. There are always more resources, all economic growth is good and limitless, and our success depends on how well we control and manage the earth’s life-support systems. The “environmental wisdom” world view believe that nature exists for all species, there is not always more resources, and some economic growth is beneficial an some is harmful. Our goal should be to design economic and political systems that encourage earth sustaining growth, and discourage earth degrading growth.

The Earth Charter has created an ethical and moral framework to guide the conduct of people. Its four guiding principles are:

  • Respect Earth and life in all its diversity.
  • Care for life with understanding, love, and passion.
  • Build societies that are free, just, participatory, sustainable, and peaceful.
  • Secure the Earth’s bounty and beauty for present and future generations.

Most environmentalists believe learning to live sustainably makes a foundation of environmental education. Four basic questions are at the heart of all environmental education:

  • Where do things I consume come from?
  • What do I know about the place I live?
  • How am I connected to the earth and other living things?
  • What is my purpose and responsibility as a human being?

Most analysts urge us to live more simply. Affluent people can choose voluntary simplicity, but most do not.

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