Original Q: Discuss your personal writing process. If it differs between the academic and business writing venue, discuss your different processes. What are the techniques you use, or you would like to start using to generate your writing tasks?


My personal writing style differs for nearly each situation of writing I’m in, but I would say the two most different are academic and professional. In academic writing I feel there’s much more room to expand and express ideas whereas in a business setting this is more common in and effective during meeting and face to face interactions.Still the importance of organizing information is relevant, and in both settings value is created by being clear and concise in your ideas.

When given an academic writing assignment there is often more opportunity to analyze and develop a thought or opinion you support throughout the document. Since there is often a length requirement I also have to think about the amount of information I want to include, whereas it could be something simple I cover in one page, or need to analyze more and expand on the work.

Most of my interactions with business writing doesn’t include as creative a thought or opinion. I do still have to make decisions and communicate those to clients, but the answers are a little more clear than could be true of an intellectual approach. Also in business writing I think less of expanding thoughts and more so how to be clear and write in a way I think they’ll understand. One thing I would like to start doing more in my business writing is double checking that I’ve covered all the important issues I would like to before either submitting a document or sending an email because its such a simple task to do, and can make a difference most times in the quality of your writing.


My writing process differs if I am writing academically or for business. Reason being, writing academically requires specific questions to be asked and answered before proceeding. For example, if I am writing an essay, research paper, or academic journal my process would require research and formatting. I’d take a much different approach writing for business because that style of writing is usually to inform, persuade, invite, or inquire.

Academic writing most times involve conducting a great deal of research. Additionally, the way the paper will be written must be identified and clarified. “Characteristics of academic writing include a formal tone, use of the third-person rather than first-person perspective (usually), a clear focus on the research problem under investigation, and precise word choice” (Hartley, 12). My process includes free writing while brainstorming. Afterwards, I organize the way in which I will present my thoughts or the information. Lastly, I put everything together using my chosen format.

My process when writing for business is always a bit lengthier because I know the information will be going out to co-workers, executives, and staff. I take special care to organize things in way which sounds very professional but easy to understand. I steer clear of including unnecessary information and try to always keep it short and to the point.

The techniques I have used in the past always seem to work well for me so I would not want to change anything. However, I would like to gain more experience with programs which is solely used for editors. I believe that knowledge will help me become a better writer regardless if I’m writing academically or for business.


Hartley, James. Academic writing and publishing: a practical guide. New York, Routledge,2008

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