Written assignment: OF COURSE NO PLAGIARISM!!!!!

1. Discuss the concepts of plagiarism, academic honesty, and academic integrity, specifically as they relate to integrity at the personal, course room, and university levels;

2. Discuss the principles and protocols of citing one’s sources;

3. Clarify the differences between quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing;

4. State the specific changes you will make to insure that you do not plagiarize again;

5. Include at least 15 scholarly references that are no more than three years old.

6. Submit this paper to Turnitin to make sure you have cited any source material you have used;

7. Make a .pdf file of the Turnitin report and submit it with your paper. The paper will be rejected if the report is not submitted;

It is expected that this paper will:

Be of sufficient length to cover the material, and comprise no fewer than 10 pages (not counting cover page or reference page/s). 10-12 pages are recommended.

Be in correct APA style, clearly written, contain appropriate headings and be free from grammatical & spelling errors. An abstract and table of contents are not required.

You will be allowed one set of revisions if the paper is not approved. Please note that 30 calendar days are required for review of the paper once submitted, and it is recommended that you make your paper completion and registration plans accordingly.

Additional sanctions may be applied in the following circumstances: (a) the writing assignment is not completed to the satisfaction of the Faculty Review Panel or the Panel Designee, or (b) the writing assignment contains plagiarized material.

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