The report must contain: a.) Central Problem: Define clearly and concisely the basic problem in the situation. b.) Analysis of Situation: What tools and concepts from this course can help us in analyzing the case? Include an Environmental Scan and a SWOT analysis for this company related to the problem of interest. c.) Identify Alternative Strategies: Based on the analysis in b., identify possible alternative strategies to cope with the problem defined in a. d.) Course of Action: Recommend courses of action.

What’s Due: Prepare your own individual 3-4 page word processed overview of the case, covering the points listed above. (Make sure you include an Environmental Scan, a SWOT analysis, and at least 2 alternative strategies).

NB. We have a total of five cases this semester. Only four cases will count towards your final grade. If you choose to submit only four reports, then you are good to go. If you choose to submit all five reports, then only the highest four scores will count towards your final grade (recommended)

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