Part 1: the attached ppt and video link will help you for this part (NO WORD LIMIT FOR THIS PART)

Watch the video —

And then Pick 2 questions to respond to, and then pose your own question from your understanding on this part

1) Do you think the editing of the placards at the sculpture park could be viewed as part of a battle of toponyms? Why or Why not?

2) What is the relationship between art and language in a public space such as Pratt’s sculpture park?

3) Compare and contrast the work of the ‘vigilante copyeditor’ in the video with that a typical graffiti artist (as you imagine them).

4) What is the difference between a graffiti artist and a vandal?

after answering any two of these, then write your own question similar to this

Part 2: the attached ppt is all you need for this part (AT LEAST 250 WORDS)

1. Write in a 3-2-1 style post:

A 3-2-1 means 3 new things you learned in this chapter, 2 ways that they are connected to other ideas in the text (or one and only one can be related to something you learned from current events) and 1 question. Minimum 250 words and in complete sentences.

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