criminology paper 2

1. Choose a serial killer to research. You may choose any serial killer past or present, however

make sure you choose someone that there is adequate information regarding on the internet.

2. Conduct a case study of this individual serial killer. Who are they, what is their background,

what were/are their patterns of behavior, killing, etc.? What were/are their methods of killing?

3. Using the material on serial killers from the text, examine the serial killer in terms of typology,

needs, impulses etc. What made them “tick” so to speak? What issues or need s were/are they

trying to satisfy etc.?

4. Conduct your write up regarding your serial killer including the following:

a. Family background and experiences

b. Mental health issues/aspects of your serial killer

c. Where they operated or killed their victims (one city, moved around)?

d. Who they killed, why?

e. How they were caught or identified. Or if it is a current serial killer, how they appear to

have evaded detection.

5. For the wrap up or conclusion of your paper, discuss why you chose “your” serial killer, what you

learned about he or she, how they fit the patterns of other serial killers.

a. Keep in mind to choose a serial killer that for which there is adequate information

b. Make sure to use information from the text regarding serial killers in your analysis.

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