Using Arrays

Create a program that:

  1. Prompts the user to input values for an array of five integers
  2. Displays a menu, where the user may choose
    1. Sum – Calculates and displays the sum of numbers in the array
    2. Mean – Calculates and displays the average of numbers in the array
    3. Display – Displays the current values held in the array
    4. Sequencing – Displays the difference between each adjacent set of values
      1. Ie if we had 3 5 2 9 0, we would get the output
        1. 2 -3 7 -9
      2. This just needs to be printed, not saved
    5. Search – Indicate whether the user’s chosen value is contained in the array, or not (boolean result should be returned, ie function).
    6. Edit – The user is re-prompted for input into the array (all elements)
    7. Exit – terminate the program
  3. Loop back to step 2
    1. There should be at least 4 functions used in this program

You should probably use a global const int for array size. Do not use global variables unless they’re constants!

Extra Credit: Include an option to sort the array. Sorting must be implemented yourself with comparisons and assignment operators.


1 – Documentation, readability, format

2 – Proper use of functions

3 – Proper program flow (conditionals, loops, etc)

2 – Filename and Header

2 – Output testing


//Author: Eric May (your name)

//CPSC 121 Lab 5

//<MM/DD/YY> (Current Date)


<Last Name><First Initial>lab5.cpp

For example, my assignment would be named MayElab5.cpp

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