create a short video 45 to 60 seconds long about climate change 1

create a short video 45 to 60 seconds long about climate change. It will be an slide deck recording (Screencast style).

The goal is to get the message across about the impact of global climate change in anyway you see appropriate. However, this needs to be a screencast of a slide deck you have created. You can use copyright cleared images and other videos that are no longer than 5 seconds in your video, but you may not construct your entire video from someone else work. Be specific in your video (don’t just say, “climate change is bad – the end” – you want to try to inform and/or inspire people). If you want to do just a screencast of a slide deck that is great too.

Completing the video and submitting to this folder is not optional. Submitting it to the discussion board and participating with your peers is.

You will be graded in a credit/no credit fashion. If you create a 45 to 60 second video that discusses the specific impacts of global climate change (can be in any way or in relation to any group) and submit it here before the deadline you will get full credit. Because this is a new way of creating homework for many of you, your video will not be judged on production quality or execution. If your video is more than 60 seconds, not to worry – just aim for an absolute maximum of 3 minutes. You are not graded on the quality of your video, just that you attempted to create an original video with your ideas. Don’t worry if you are not skilled at videography or editing, a simple video is fully acceptable. If you need help – reach out to me in plenty of time for me to assist before the deadline.

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