construction safety which is introduces occupational safety hazards associated with the construction industry

Hey man, how are you doing? I need help in my one of my classes is called Construction Safety it’s about Introduces occupational safety hazards associated with the construction industry. Emphasis placed on recognition, evaluation and control of safety hazards particularly as they relate to the Occupational Safety and Health Act. I have a group project it’s about we’re having a company and we have to fill up JOB HAZARD ANALYSIS WORKSHEET. We are going to do doors and windows which is division 8 you will find more detalt in the attachment below. I was asked to do “Potential Hazards of Each Job Step” and “Plan of Action to Control or Eliminate any Hazard(s)” for the window part from 1 – 5. I need a really good ideas for this parts. I will upload the JHA format in the attachment and grading format and the CSI divisions which is you will find doors and windows in division 8.

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