Write a 500 word essay based on one of the writing prompts below, citing the Hine & Faragher text at least 5 times. Your citation should come from a broad range of pages within Hine & Faragher, not merely one or two pages near each other.

Choose one person from this lesson’s readings. Discuss this person’s impact on the period and regions covered in this lesson. Think about the decisions and actions this person took. Examine the reasons and motives behind those decisions and actions, and the effect this person had on this period and the following periods.

As you write, think in terms of cause and effect, explaining why things happened as they did. Why did people do what they did?

Make an argument and back it up with evidence. You may use the primary sources to bolster your essay. Just be sure that at least 5 of your citations come from a broad range of pages from Hine & Faragher.

Citation: Use of evidence from Hine & Faragher is worth up to 40% of the score. Citation can be simple parenthetical citations. I simply need to be able to find what you are citing. For example, the following provide the textbook’s author and the page number. This is sufficient:

  • (Hine & Faragher, 16)
  • (Hine & Faragher, 25)
  • Always quote any words that are taken verbatim (word for word) from Hine & Faragher or anyone else in order to prevent plagiarism. Citations go within the essay immediately after the sentence they support. For example, I might say:
    • The Civil War had a dramatic effect on the West in many ways, including an outward migration of African Americans from the South. (Hine & Faragher, 370-373) For example, Hine & Faragher describe “yet another mass exodus to the western promised land” in 1879 when free black Americans moved to western lands. (Hine & Faragher, 370-371)

    This is a formal essay. Formality means that you should write in the third person. You may use first person for the Primary Source Essay, but the Textbook Essay is more formal affair. Spell words out completely so that there are no contractions. For example, write “would not” rather than “wouldn’t.” Use proper grammar, and avoid informal terms such as “cool” or “crazy.” Remember:

    • 500 words
    • Cite the Hine & Faragher text at least 5 times.
    • Cite from a broad range of pages in Hine & Faragher, not from only a few of pages right next to each other.
    • Connect events, movements, innovations, etc. by showing cause and effect, explaining why people did what they did.


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