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Comments on students initial posts. Two comments, Apx 100-150 words each (Please keep your posts simple)

Student one:

In my current position I have experienced inequity. The job has certain expectations and metrics for each employee to achieve. I have consistently gone above these metric expectations with no recognition, good or bad. I have coworkers who consistently fall below thee metrics with no recognition, good or bad. Having no accountability for workers can cause complacency, laziness and low morale. The team has issues with frequently calling in sick to work, not working when present, or leaving early unannounced.

No one on the team wants to “tattle” on other employees, so it is left to management to find a new way to hold employees accountable for expectations. To find equity in the situation management could begin recognizing good performance in a group setting or even giving high performers monetary rewards. The rules and expectations have not been enforced for so long that they should be restated to each employee with the understanding that they will begin to be enforced.

My current intrinsic motivations lie with my need to challenge myself, stay busy, and feel I am doing a good job. I do not think my current job is changing any lives but I like to do my best at whatever task I am performing. My extrinsic motivations are money to pay my bills, and the benefits offered by my company. Without health care, 401K, and flexibility in work schedule, I would not be as committed to my employer.

I believe to intrinsically motivate employees a company should show they are committed to that employee. By offering relevant benefits, giving praise when due, and making a positive work environment, a company can make employees happy to contribute no matter if they are the janitor or the vice president.

Here’s an example of a follow up comment (I want the comment to somewhat look like this…This is only an example for reference, I still need a comment for student one)

It appears you and other coworkers at your current job have different inputs, but the same outcomes. I can see how this is a problem, because you can feel that you are working hard for nothing. At times you may feel like you should put in the same as others, because the outcome will be the same. I know many people who have the same problem as you, including myself previously, so I know the feeling. Once at one of my jobs I was the top associate for the week (due to my performance) and I was recognized, which was a good feeling. A few weeks later a team member that did not put in the effort, in my opinion, wanted to be recognized, because he had never been recognized before. The manager favors this employee, so she helped him achieve his goal, and he received the same recognition and praise that I received. I was baffled and upset. He did not work as hard to get the outcome he received. You would not think that things like this happened a lot, but it does.

Because you like to stay busy you work hard and do a good job. The fact that you have this quality helps you get through every day. Similarly, I like to stay busy, so when I am not doing anything, I clean. I don’t necessarily enjoy cleaning, but when I am doing nothing I am always finding something to clean. Due to one of my intrinsic motivators is staying busy I always have a clean house. Because you share the same motivator you go above and beyond at work.

I can agree that a company can make employees happy to contribute no matter the position. But I think some intrinsic motivators would be speaking to the employees who are not meeting requirements and letting them know that this is not okay. This gesture will show the ones that are actually meeting requirements that their hard work is not unnoticed, and the lack of others are noticed.

Student two:

I have received under-reward at my work. I worked at a sports performance facility throwing baseballs with kids, throwing batting practice, and demonstrating drills for them. The referent outcome was a $15/hour paycheck. The referent inputs were that I showed up at a specific time and did my job. My outcomes should have been that I received compensation since my shoulder was sore after throwing, and my knees were sore after demonstrating. My inputs were above and beyond the call of duty because I put in effort to make the kids I was working with better by ruining my body for them. I was all in it for the kids, and I believe my effort warranted compensation pay.

Again at my sports performance job, I was motivated intrinsically and extrinsically. I am motivated intrinsically because I love working with kids and giving the next generation of baseball players a positive experience from the energy and wisdom I bring. I am motivated extrinsically because of the wages I receive and also the facility I am in. The 2SP facility in Madison Heights has a state-of-the-art weight room and turf facility backed by science, so being in there is a privilege for me. My company can intrinsically motivate employees by bringing outstanding energy to practices and camps. The energy rubs off on employees (including myself) and brings out the best in everyone in that facility.

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