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Colonialism can be both known as a positive phenomenal and a negative phenomenal. In many countries that experienced colonialism believe that it was a good thing like most European countries, in the other hand some countries believe it was a bad thing. In my opinion colonialism was a negative phenomenal. Although in some counties colonialism was a great experience in others like some in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia didn’t because postcolonialism brought them dictatorship as oppose to democracy. Colonialism was a negative phenomenal because it had many negative outcome out of it. Colonialism was bad because there was really only two results that came with it one was elite colonialism where Europeans seized the land of inferior leaders but the people remained a significant key for their success. Another was settler colonialism where immigrants took away that land from the people and took control of everything. Colonialism was a negative phenomenal because it drove people away or highly diminished it from he only land they knew about, for example in North America the Native Americans where enclaves while the Europeans began to fill it with European people. In many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean colonialism left a bad impression because it left them with many problems that the countries had to overcome.

Economy was one of the negative outcomes that came out of colonialism. In Latin American the economy of the countries was left in fringes. Many of the languages that where spoken by the people of those Latin America where replaced by Spanish as a result of the settlers that came from Europe. In Africa, the result of colonialism was violence, many countries in Africa suffered from genocide at the hands of the European nations they were treated as if they were inferior. Colonialism created many economic problems in countries where colonization was seen. It also had a negative impact on the cultural aspect of these countries because colonialism came to change the way that the people that was already there though and believed, because the European nations brought with them their own ideas and beliefs. They elated their own political, legal, cultural and ideological traditions. As a result I view Colonialism as a negative phenomenal because it came to change the way that the Natives of their respective countries though and it hindered there cultural in which they believed in.

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