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Challenging a Culture of Envy and Anger: A Biblical Response

The ancient Rabbis and the authors of the New Testament considered envy to be one of the prime sins (compare James 3:16). Based on the readings of this for the last two units, construct a post of 200 – 250 words in which you explore in the impact of the deadly vices of envy and anger. Be sure to provide clear contemporary examples of how these deadly sins have affected culture and behavior. Offer Biblical ways that these vices can be addressed. Construct one further response post to another student in which you question, critique, elaborate or confirm their observations. The response post should be of equal length to your original post with the same level of support. Remember that in addition to your response to a fellow student, you must respond to all questions posed to you by your professor; your professor is very interested in your learning and responding to his or her questions is critical to this process.

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