case study analysis and views 1

I want the paper to focus more on the sides of ethics and development view of the topic. I have already written the first two part of the paper, and I WANT YOU TO COMPLETE THE OTHER 2. There are A, B , C, D sections. I have uploaded the paper for the section A and B. and I want you to write two paragraphs for each sections. READ THE ATTACHAED PAPER TO GET CLEAR IDEA ABOUT THE TOPIC.

C- Alternative Ethical Framework

– Present at least one alternative ethical framework for evaluating the policy proposals in Section Athat either directly critique the integral approach in Section B and/or represent an alternative foundational position.

– Note the points of agreement and disagreementbetween these and the integral approach, explaining why their conclusions differ with respect to this issue. Cite at least two (2) critical authorities.

D- Critical Analysis

– Critically analyze all the positions presented in Sections B and C, assessing their strong and weak points.

– Present yourPersonal position on the issue at hand, constructively building a well-reasoned and convincing argument for this commitment.

– Note questions for further investigation and evidence that might clarify the social and economic issue in development and help to resolve the ethical conflict therein.

Lastly: Conclusion


2 Pages Only, Single-space, 12 font

Please let me know if you have any question.

All paraphrasing, quotations, or other citation must be noted parenthetically or in a footnote according to a standard academic style guide APA.

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