Write a program that reads in pairs of integers and computes the average for each pair. The program should first prompt the user to input the number of pairs of integers to be read. For each pair of integers input by the user, compute and output the average of the two integers.

Example run:

% hw02

How many pairs of integers to be read? 3

— Iteration 1 —

Input first value: 12

Input second value: 9

The average for 12 and 9 is 10.5

— Iteration 2 —

Input first value: 3

Input second value: 4

The average for 3 and 4 is 3.5

— Iteration 3 —

Input first value: 1

Input second value: 2

The average for 1 and 2 is 1.5


Homework submission

Turn in the printout of the program and three different test runs. Capture the source code and output into a single file.

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