Chapter I: Introduction

Problem Statement

What is the problem you are trying to address? Be sure you are selecting a topic that is narrow in scope; specific to a problem; that can be addressed using data analysis and using the data provided; and is manageable. The team should review the data provided and frame the problem in such a way that the available data can be used to explain the result. The problem does not have to be wholesale or systematic to be worthy of study. Please post your team’s tentative problem statement in the main forum (in the thread started for LT Questions) for problem statement approval. The problem statement should begin: “The problem is that it is unknown if…..”

Research Purpose

From the problem statement, explain why this problem exists. Why would resolving it be of interest to the organization? Why is this topic of interest to the team?

Problem Background

Explain the problem in its environment. Why is this a problem worthy of study? Why would it be of interest to a public health professional? To the best that you could determine, how did this problem develop? What attempts had been made to resolve it? What has worked or not worked?

Research Question

Restate your problem as a research question. When your research is completed, your research question will be answered. The question should define the parameters of the study. Be careful to keep your research problem and question focused and limited to a study that can be reasonably completed within the class timeframe. There is only one research question.

Scope, Limitations, and Assumptions

Explain the parameters or boundaries of the study. One of the limitations will be that the study will be specific to this organization or this timeframe. One assumption will be that the data provided are the most current and accurate available. The scope of the study defines how the problem will be analyzed, even if other incidental outcomes are uncovered.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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