article written assignments

Read the attached article about corporate governance and business ethics challenges at Facebook. Use this and additional sources to answer the following questions.

  1. Based on the assigned readings and lecture notes, identify and discuss Facebooks’s key stakeholders.
  2. Based on information provided in the article, how did the firm prioritize its key stakeholders prior to this scandal? Explain your answer.
  3. Describe the legal and ethical issues related to Facebook’s use of customer data.
  4. What policies should the board of directors implement to prevent future abuses of customer data? How does Mark Zuckerberg’s role in the firm as a major shareholder and CEO complicate these efforts?
  5. What policies and procedures should the firm implement to prevent future abuses of customer information? Explain your answer.

Style Requirements

  1. Written assignments must have an introduction and a conclusion paragraph. Note that these paragraphs must be separate from the body of the paper in which you answer assigned questions.
  2. The written analysis may be up to 5 pages and no less than three in length, excluding exhibits (no limit).
  3. Use a 12 point font and have one inch margins.
  4. Papers must be typed with double spaces.
  5. You absolutely must include a list of references at the end of the paper. Use the APA style. For example references, please refer to the APA style tutorial available at Use a minimum of four (4) credible outside reference sources.
  6. Use page numbers and put your name on the first page of each assignment.
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