article review 145

1.Each member of a group will choose 3-5 scholarly journal articles related with their chosen topic of study. Review the articles and write a literature review synthesis (2 full pages to 3 pages in length, double space). In this document, he or she is asked to summarize each paper (on what is the problem identified/why that study is conducted, what method was used and how, what are the results and implications). He or she is also asked to explore and elaborate on the commonality and differences of each article. Please note, all three articles must be on the same general topic that is closely associated with students’ chosen topic.

2. This is Article Review. Before writing, please read the two article I give you. Please read carefully.

3. The topic is “Electronic evolution: How hotels are changing because of it”

4. your own words. long quotations should be avoided. any quotation should be used only when necessary.

5. the review should adequately cover previous research on the topic (Electronic evolution: How hotels are changing because of it)

6. the review should cite findings directly from original studies

7. the review should cover up-to-date materials.

8. the review should analyze as well as summarize the original studies.

9. review should be organized logically by topic

10. minor studies are briefly summarized while major studies are discussed in details.

11. reviewed studies are somehow related to the research question or methods.

12. write a brief summary for each one of the articles. summary and analysis of the study. relationship to the current research question.

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