argumentative essay 130

  • Essay 1 should include a total of 6 paragraphs.
    • Paragraph 1: Include an introduction paragraph. The introduction should end in a clearly stated thesis statement that conveys a sense of purpose and supports your position.
    • Paragraphs 2-4: In each of the three supporting paragraphs, include the following:
      • topic sentence
      • 1-2 claims (1 claim per paragraph is easiest)
      • 1-2 pieces of evidence (claims need documented evidence)
      • documented quotations, paraphrases, summarizations
      • Interpretation sentences
      • Conclusion sentence
    • Paragraph 5: You should write a rebuttal/opposing side paragraph giving a “nod” to the other side of the argument. You are not required to have a source for the opposing viewpoint(s).
    • Paragraph 6: Include an adequate conclusion paragraph that emphatically states your position and summarizes your essay’s overall point.
  • Required word count = 1,000-1,500 words
  • APA formatting required – see textbooks and Purdue OWL website for help
  • 2-3 sources required to support your claims (2 minimum)
  • Unreliable or general study-related internet sources will not be accepted as valid sources (examples NOT acceptable: Wikipedia, SparkNotes, StudyMode, Schmoop, GradeSaver, etc.)
  • Third person only (no first person “I” or second person “you” pronouns)
  • No contractions
  • Use correct grammar and mechanics and formal academic language.
  • All essays will be checked automatically for plagiarism through Turnitin.
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