Bella is taking an algebra class that meets 5 days a week. Every Friday, her instructor gives her a test that covers the material from that week. Bella has an organized binder with notes, homework, test corrections, and vocabulary in it. She also keeps a log of how much time she spends each day working on the course outside of class. Table 1 gives a record of how much time she spent and her weekly test grade for the first 5 weeks of the semester.

Time Spent per Day (minutes)

Weekly Grade (percent)











  1. Using a piece of graph paper, create a graph with an appropriate scale for this problem. Plot the points from the table on your graph and. What kind of trend do you observe? Is it increasing or decreasing? Is it a straight line or some sort of curve?
  2. Write a linear equation that represents Bella’s weekly test scores in terms of the amount of time she spends studying each day. Write your answer in slope-intercept form.
  3. What is the y-intercept for your equation? In the context of this problem, how would you interpret the meaning of the y-intercept?
  4. If Bella was only able to spend half an hour a day working on her course, what would you expect her grade to be?
  5. How many minutes should she study each day to get an A (90%) on her weekly test? Would this same amount of time work for other students in her class? Why or why not?
  6. What would be an appropriate domain and range for the model? Consider whether there are any amounts of times or grades for which this model would not be appropriate to apply. If so, which values should be excluded?
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