annotated bibliography on three different articles

APA, APA Works Cited,12 font, double space, title page, Introduction paragraph. 1st Article ( Summary, Analysis, Application Paragraph)2nd Article (Summary, Analysis, Application Paragraph) 3rd Article (Summary, Analysis, Application Paragraph) & Synthesis Paragraph. Total of 11 paragraphs. Must be written in past tense, and no third person point of view.

Here are the 3 articles I want to use:

1. Controlling and Autonomy-Supportive Parenting in the United States and China: Beyond Children’s Reports

2. When Fairness Clashes with Personal Autonomy and Parental Authority: A Comparison of Daughters and Mothers Reasoning in Two Cultural Contexts in Turkey.

3. Parental Support for Autonomy and Child Depressive Symptoms in Middle Childhood: The Mediating Role of Parent- Child Attachment.

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