I’m a bit busy building an app for a project to take this minor work on. It really should not take very much effort. Please use proper grammar and no plagiarism. I will provide a full tip if there’s no plagiarism, and if it is well written and ties your writing to the diagram you find (please give the source of the diagram that is used).

David Cosby owns Wooden Ships Incorporated (WSI) and you work for him as a mobile application developer. David has heard that there is a build process involved with Android mobile app development, but he does not know anything about this subject. He asks you to write a short business memo that will provide an overview of the Android build process.


  1. Find and read at least one reference from the Internet from within the past 3 years about the Android build process.
  2. Write a short business memo to Mr. Cosby (about 350 words) that:
    1. Includes a diagram for the Android build process (Refer to the Rubric for diagram requirements)
    2. Explains the process shown in the diagram
  3. Your memo must include in-text citations and a reference list for at least two references
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