Our discussion forum provided us with the opportunity to closely analyze Babette’s Feast. In this week’s journal, consider the memoir excerpts. While Babette’s Feast is a fictional narrative, the three memoirs are based on the authors’ real-life experiences. Notice the manner in which our authors use food to define not only their experiences but the ways in which they developed a sense of self.

Select one of the excerpts to discuss how the writer creates a sense of racial/cultural/ethnic identity through the description of food. Explain your reason for choice of excerpt and focus your analysis on the symbolism, metaphors, and/or any other literary devices that strike you as significant when we consider the themes we are exploring this week. What are significant similarities and differences we noticed between the memoir and fictional Babette’s Feast? What do they reveal to astute readers?

As always, explain your reasoning and provide textual support to fully develop the reading.

This journal entry should be a minimum of 2 pages (4 paragraphs) and a maximum of 4 pages (8 paragraphs) double-spaced.

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