In this project, you will create an online learning system framework for instructors. This system will facilitate the creation of online learning materials. This online learning system framework shall support:

1. Module creation (create different learning modules)

2. Topic creation (create topics under each module)

3. Assessment creation (for instructor to create tests, assignments)

4. Test run for the instructor

This web based learning system framework will allow instructors to create any online learning system.

Your system shall have a login page that will only allow registered user(in our case, instructors) to login to create an online learning system for his/her course. Since an online system will be organized using modules, so your system shall facilitate this need. For example, if an instructor wants to partition his/her course into three major parts then he/she most likely will create at least three modules. Say, an instructor who teaches Basic Web Development may want to set his/her course into three modules: client side module, server side module, and backend database module. In addition, he/she may want to create assessment module to assignment homework, give tests etc.

For client side module, the instructor may want to create different topics for user learning. For example, the instructor can create one topic for HTML, one topic for CSS, and one topic for JavaScript. For each topic, there are may be links to prerequisite requirement(s) to take this topic, online video urls, pdf files, power point slides, web pages, etc. Each topic doesn’t have to include all these mentioned. It all depends on the instructor to decide. Note different courses may do differently. The same will apply to other modules to create topics.

For assessment creation, you may assume this project can handle multiple choice and fill-in of blanks assessments. For example, to facilitate an instructor to create multiple choice assessment, your framework shall contain friendly interface to allow instructor to assign total points for this assessment, input question and answers, display assessment statistic for student at the end of an online test (e.g., how many questions wrong and how many right etc.). Extra credit will be given if your system can allow instructor to upload a file (you can set the form and format of this file) and automatically populate questions and answers so that instructor doesn’t have to enter questions or answers one at a time. This will speed up the creation of online assessment.

The last requirement is to allow the instructor to test run the system he/she created especially for assessment.

Submission instructions

Project document:

1. design document includes software architecture, and database schema

2. all source code

3. user manual with test run screenshot

You may put 1 and 3 together. First page of the project document is a title page with course title, project title, and all members’ names on it. Second page contains project summary. Thirds page contains feature successfully implemented and feature not successfully implemented and contribution of each member on this project. Fourth page contains table of content.

Put all source codes to a folder and zip the folder. Put project document and zipped source code into another folder and zip this folder. Submit only this zipped folder.

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