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An Analysis of the Crash Movie

According to the story chronology, Paul Haggis directed this movie in 2005. Race and gender are common factors in this play. A detective refers to his lover as Mexican while she responds that her father is from Puerto Rico while her mother is from El Salvador. The district attorney of Los Angeles considers a black firefighter who had heroically performed his job. However, someone mentions that he is Iraqi and the district attorney wonders why he looks black. However, the district attorney is trying to reclaim his image among the blacks by using an African- American woman so that they can vote for him. He even rewards her publicly. This is a clear indication of racism which is considered a state of the mind because it is not something inborn. The movie also shows that we should face the darkness in our lives and find the light. Fighting this darkness within is important because it prevents us from the harm it could cause. Cameron who already judges his wife for her bad behavior finds that he is no better. This is after he gets himself killed after provoking a group of police officers. The incidence opens his eyes that he and his wife should not be fighting given the fact that they are from a minority racial group and therefore face similar problems.

Apparently, a white police officer who has taken a stand against racism gives a hitchhiker a ride while off-duty. While his passenger makes a friendly conversation about country music and ice-skating, the white police officer is not even interested. He cannot figure out how a black hitchhiker could be interested in such things. He misreads the black man and feels insecure triggering him to pull a gun and shoot him. If only he had dealt with the darkness inside, then he would have been in a position to view his passenger as a friend and not a threat. In another scene, the Persian American who owns a shop shoots and it is at that moment that the locksmith realizes that his little girl is not hurt. He holds her in his arms and only then does he realize that he is no longer the thing that causes trouble but as a father who loves his daughter.


The movie also portrays hope and faith. Hope, faith, and love are practicable even if not in a religious perspective. The locksmith’s little girl promises to protect him and his assailant. She has an imaginary cloak which she believes is impenetrable and represents faith. The cloak also represents hope since her father hopes that nothing harms her despite her faith. This faith even protects her when the gun goes off in the African American’s hands. It is therefore important to note that faith and hope are necessary if we ought to protect others. Despite Officer John Ryan being a racist, he is compassionate. He loves and cares for his sickly old father and even makes noble efforts to help him. However, his frustration leads him to blame the blacks because perhaps to him, such suffering could have seemed senseless to him. He also connects with Cameron’s wife despite having had differences in the past. He finds her trapped in a burning car and refuses to leave her. He seems to have recognized her as a fellow human being, and his self-sacrifice saves her.

Ultimately, the movie crash also discusses the concept of traditional gender roles and rethinking about them. A scene where Cameron together with his wife is confronted by John, a police officer. His wife refuses to comply even after her husband urges her to do so. The officer frisks them as he checks for weapons.She later accuses him of allowing her to be intimidated and failing to protect her. Maybe it is his fear of losing his job that made him fail as a protector.He had better fail in his role as a provider than losing his job and eventually fail in his role as a provider. However, the locksmiths little daughter plays the role of protector when she uses her invisible cloak to protect her father and his assailant.

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