Advanced Mathematical Decision-Making Statistical Reasoning Project

An important aspect of reading statistical studies is identifying the key components of the study and considering if the data was collected in a responsible way. With your group, research two surveys on the internet at Please use this site only. First, look through the site and find a topic of interest to you. Each topic has many surveys. Read the site carefully. Some surveys have one question and others have many questions. Surveys are broken apart by a line and are headed with basic survey information in a brighter blue.

Copy and paste your two surveys below.
Then answer the following questions:
1. What is your topic and why did you choose it?

2. Describe the sample and population of both surveys.

3. Give a specific example of data from one of the surveys.

4. Is the data overall in both surveys quantitative or qualitative. How do you know?

5. Compare the two surveys. Are the populations the same? Were the results of the surveys similar?

6. You don’t know all the specifics of the surveys, but can you think of any possible sources of bias for one or both of the surveys?

7. Do you think the samples are representative of the populations? Explain.

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