1. Explain Adler’s beliefs about birth order and predictions about eventual outcomes for EACH type of individuals (first-, second-, last born and only children).


2. Identify your position in the birth order of your family. Do you think you match the Adlerian descriptor? Explain why or why not. If not, what position do you think best describes you? Why?

3. Who are some prominent examples (e.g., movie stars, political figures, historical icons) who do fit the birth order profiles? Explain why you feel this way. Identify some of the characteristics they exhibit that match their birth order description.

400 words min. NO PLAGIARISM. References and citations required.

Textbook reference: Howard S. Friedman and Miriam W. Schustack . (2012). Personality: Classic Theories and Modern Research . 5th Edition. Pearson.

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