In a very short time, you have been thrown into a team environment, subjected to a multitude of terms and concepts and processes and phases of Analysis & Design (A&D), and been tasked to configure your managerial/operational team environment to proffer an IS-based solution to a business case. This is quite a lot in a short amount.

Your task is not to reflect on your Team’s progress to date by writing a memorandum addressed to the hypothetical senior partner (Dr. Cumbie) of your consultancy firm.


Header – Your name, date, subject line, and greeting.

First Paragraph – A brief introduction stating that your team has engaged with its first client (Denn’s) and you are reporting, as requested, on the cohesiveness of your team. Identify the current stage of your project (e.g. a specific SDLC or Proj. Mgt. phase or process group) and your team’s next deliverable. For this, make sure to refer to your textbook and define ANY and ALL textbook terms in a footnote of your memo.

Second Paragraph – Comment on your team’s initial performance. Identify at least one strength and one weakness. Clearly, describe both and comment on how you plan to turn the strength into an opportunity for your team to be effective and how the weakness could be a threat to your team’s performance.

Third Paragraph – Finally, propose a solution that might improve the team’s weakness and give a CLEAR and SPECIFIC process to improve this. Conclude your memo with a sentence stating that you will continue to monitor your team’s performance and provide an update near the end.

NOTE: In your FOURTH & final Individual Assignment will revisit this memo and provide the update. You may want to begin a journal or note specific instances of your team’s performance including – instance, an action was taken, and outcome. I will re-state, it is strongly recommended that you begin to record specifics about your team’s performance throughout the project.

TIPS: It is okay for a team to have problems; it would be quite remarkable if a team was perfectly balanced and worked as an experience, high-performing unit. That being said, this is not a “witch hunt” or an invitation to “throw a team member under the bus.” This is an exercise in management on identifying a managerial process that can be improved and communicating them in an effective manner. For example, your team’s weakness might be that it has great discussions and energetic meetings yet fail to document them effectively. Your proposal would be to improve the leadership by assigning a role to take notes at the meeting and improve your meeting form to sufficiently capture the decisions and discussion of each meeting.

Formatting: Font = 10-pt, line spacing = 1.2, spacing before & after paragraphs = 0 (look under Format > Paragraph menu in Word), page margins = 0.5” all sides, 1 line break after paragraphs w/no first line indentation. Submit as a PDF.

Please write by your self. Make sure there no copy. There is some informations about this project, my name is Hang Song you can according to the Personality Type and team role to answer the questions. And there are case information and textbook below, you can use that. Thank you so much.

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