Abstract and Outline Assignment

1) Verify that you have some good references (3 to 5) to support your research topic.
Modify the topic slightly if you need.
2) Create a file with your name, date and ABT-93 in the upper right (single spaced)
3) Write a DESCRIPTIVE title, bold and centered.
You may be happy with the one already submitted, but this is your chance to improve on
the title.
4) Write an abstract (overall summary) of you paper (one to two paragraphs, double spaced)
NOTE: The abstract is generally the LAST thing you write when creating a research paper,
but a draft of the abstract may help you keep on focus as you build this paper.
5) Starting at the top of page 2, create a MULTI-LEVEL Outline for your term project!
(Use at least three levels in the outline.)
6) Starting at the top of page 3 (or possibly 4), type a Works Cited in MLA format.


1) I recommend that you FIND THE ARTICLES FIRST, and then build the outline and
FINISH by writing the abstract!
2) Use MS Word Outline function, if possible. It makes the process easy.
3) An abstract is a summary of the entire project you plan to do–introduction, body and
4) The outline should use words or brief phrases–NOT full sentences (with rare exceptions).

i. Introduction

ii. Body (This is the main part of the information you will provide. Plan to need three or
four “sub-topics”.)

iii. Conclusion

iv. Works Cited

I will attach one outline on broccoli that you will need do some changes : Do not add all aspects of processing and cooling . And the topic is too broad . Please Narrow it down ..

If you have any questions message me

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