a movie paper lt the day after tomorrow gt about leisure

The Movie is

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze, NOT to review or give a summary of a movie. It should discuss the issues raised by the movie, address the movie’s importance and purpose as related to leisure, recreation, or sport. State reactions to the content and quality of the movie, and connect it to ideas and material presented in class. A list of movies will be provided and only 1 person per movie. Papers must be 3 – 5 papers in length. The movies will deal with the topics of tourism, hospitality, sport management or a combination of the three. The paper should include:

1. Describe the movie in general terms and the subject(s) it covered (i.e. tourism, hospitality, sport management).

2. Major Theme of movie

3. Relate the film to class discussions, chapters. ( if u don’t know a lot about this part, you can ask me, or let this little part blank )How does it relate to the class in general. ( If you do not know more about the content in leisure class, you can ask me or let this part a little blank)

4. Any other relevant information needed

Movie Paper Rubric

  • __ (20) Correct sentence structure, grammar, subheadings, etc. Deductions 1-20 points.
  • _____ (10) Typed, 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced throughout. (A/N)
  • _____ (10) Use of APA style for quotes, running headers, page margins, page numbers, subheadings, and reference page. (A/N)
  • _____ (10) Length requirement (3-5 pages). (A/N)
  • _____ (50) Content.
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