a discussion 15

Discussion Question No unread replies.No replies. Mike had a bad weekend. After smoking marijuana (Mike has a medical marijuana card that allows him to smoke weed because of his diagnosed anxiety) he was pulled over and arrested for driving his car under the influence. When his wife bailed him out of jail, they got into a horrible fight. She kicked him out of the house with a duffle of his clothes. He has no money and no where to go until Monday morning, when he shows up at the warehouse to work. When he clocks in on Monday, a co-worker says, “dude, you look like hell! What happened, did your wife kick out of the house again!” (laughing). Mike snaps. The rest is a news story on the local evening news. 1. What issues and implications must an employer assess when faced with problematic or threatening behavior of an employee? 2. Assuming Mike is “disabled” as defined by the ADA, does his status mean that you cannot institute a job action against her? What risks arise if you do?

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