Questions to consider in a critical analysis of an article (not all of these may be applicable to every article; consider them all, but focus on the questions that seem most helpful in understanding the article in question):

What is the initial observation or problem that motivates the writer?

What question is the author trying to answer in this article?

How does she engage with the arguments or research of other scholars?

What kind of data or evidence does she gather to try to answer it?

How does each section of the article contribute to her overall discussion?

What are the main points of the argument, and how do they fit together to support her conclusions?

How well does the author support these conclusions, given the limitations of what can be known about the subject?

What do you find interesting or useful about her approach?

What issues are not addressed?

What are some possible ways this argument could be applied to other examples of art and culture? In other words, what does this teach us about art and culture in general?

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