In this Week’s Discussion, you will paraphrase and respond to a sonnet of your choice. See Road Map Week 4 for details. You will also find examples through Sonnets 18 & 55: Sample Paraphrases and Sonnet 18: Paraphrase/Response. The latter was actually a former test response which earned an A, so it’s top of the line. Your post doesn’t have to go into quite that much detail.

Please remember that no more than 2 students may analyze a single sonnet. If you know which one you want, reserve it early by making a post with your sonnet in the Subject line. You can go back and compose your response later.

Your initial post is due by 11: 59 pm Friday, Sep. 22. At least 2 replies to 2 other students’ posts are due by 11: 59 pm Sunday, Sep. 24.

Review Online Discussions Rubric for general score criteria.


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