1 provide a brief summary of the case study that has been assigned to you 1 5 points and other

  • Provide a brief summary of the case study that has been assigned to you. [1.5 points]
  • Please list at least 5 key issues with this case. Explain why you think these are key problem areas. Be critical in your analysis of the case. Feel free to refer to other sources for your analysis (Google, other text books, papers….) [1.5 points=depth of analysis, 1.5 points=clarity of thought, 2 points= correctness of thoughts, Total@5 points]
  • How can the management improve organizational effectiveness? [Hint: Variables influencing organizational effectiveness are external forces, Inputs, organizational structure, Institutional processes. Try and address each of these variables in your own way] 2.5 points
  • Write a paragraph about what you learned from this case. How is this learning useful for the profession that you have chosen for yourself? [1 points]

Your answer must be in the range of 700 words (min) to 1800 words (max). You need to connect your analysis with the concepts in your textbook. You are required to research about this situation in this case and use at least 5 outside resources (web, journals…etc.) other than your textbook in your analysis. Please use the citation in the body of the report as well as towards to end of the report.

all what you need is attached.

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