1 page precis on corporate social responsibility

In part 1 you must summarize key concepts related to the topic. Summaries must reference course materials including readings and class discussion and should be written for a “blind” audience. You summary will include 2-3 main points and should be presented in a single paragraph that takes up approximately half a page. Your summary must make direct reference to at least one specific author/reading.

In part 2 you must react to a few of the issues presented in your summary. Your reaction will be organized in a paragraph that takes up approximately 1/3 of the page. In this paragraph you will react to 1-2 key points included in the summary. You are welcome to use “I” statements but be sure to explain why you have a particular idea/belief/attitude. Personal examples are appropriate and encouraged in this section.

In part 3 you must highlight the single most important and/or interesting element you summarized and reflect on how it has impacted your ideas about this issue. Your reflection will be organized in a paragraph that takes up approximately 1/5 of the page. In this paragraph you will focus on the single most important/interesting point related to the topic covered in class and/or the readings and explain why that point is interesting/important to you. Your reflection should connect to your everyday life and should generally explain how the point in question has changed your ideas and/or behavtiors.


Your paper needs to be 1 double spaced page in length. Your paper should be a solid 1 page and must not go over the 1 page limit.


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